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–?? ?states actual cost for 1500 metres of rehab as $34.6MRoads and Bridges Engineer, Khiraj Bisesar attached to the Ministry of Public Works yesterday took media operatives to the Coldingen Enterprise access road where he sought to clear the air on ongoing road works in the area.Seeking to correct some ‘misrepresentation’ which was highlighted in a recent article carried in this publication, Bisesar said that the $32M will cover rehabilitation works on four roads in the Enterprise area.According to Bisesar, the Ministry of Public Works awarded a contract Hemraj Garbarran to rehabilitate the Coldigen Enterprise main access road and Housing Scheme network road in Enterprise.Roads and Bridges Engineer, Khiraj Bisesar, stands on the Enterprise Coldigen access road which is currently under construction.The Engineer explained that the Coldigen Enterprise main access road project is to extensively rehabilitate sectional areas to a total of 500 metres by 4.3 metres wide. This he said will be done in asphalted concrete.“As you can see, on the road only certain patches are not in good condition, hence we will do only those areas. That is why we are emphasizing sectional works.”In the Housing Scheme network road project,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2016, Bisesar said 1000 metres by 3.05 metres wide of road is to be rehabilitated.“The combined cost is $34.624 million and what was reported is that the work is being done for this project alone…This is inaccurate. At one part in the article we see residents saying that the works are only worth $10 Million for this road (Coldingen Enterprise access road).”“This may be so,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, but the other three areas in the scheme are being done as well” Bisesar stated.The Engineer went on to explain that while actual construction is not currently in progress, works are ongoing. He said the contractors were procuring materials for the further construction of the roads.“The contractors are currently at the crusher run stage, after this they will shape and roll the crusher run area and then we will apply asphalted concrete layer which will be 37 millimetres thick which is one inch and a half.”Further responding to questions about substandard work,Wholesale Jerseys From China, Bisesar said he cannot comment on that issue since that will have to be determined after the project would have been completed.“I can only talk about substandard work when it is completed. It should be completed on April 9. After that it has a six-month defect liability period to remedy any defective work that shows up.”Meanwhile, as it relates to the April 9 deadline for the project,China Jerseys, Bisesar said the Ministry has already sent a letter to the contractor reminding him of his commitment.“If he does not complete it in the committed time, we have clauses in the contract to impose liquidated damages as stipulated in the contract and we will impose liquidated damages once he has not completed it within the time frame.”On Sunday last residents voiced their concern over the road construction works in their area, noting that they are not getting value for the money that Government is expending on the road project.The bone of contention was the one-mile main access road that leads into the community. The residents say for more than five years, they had been clamouring for repairs to be done to the road which was filled with what can be described as craters,Authentic NFL Jerseys, causing severe hardship to motorists.The contract for the road was awarded last November following several complaints raised by residents.
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